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Should I Carry Out An Electrical Inspection Prior To Purchasing A House ?

If you are buying a house you have no doubt already asked a building surveyor to look at the property to make sure that it is structurally sound with no major underlying problems. But what about the electrical system, which is also a major part of the building structure?. This may not be the first thing that comes to mind when purchasing a property, but having a full electrical inspection may highlight any electrical faults and problems, which if left could present health and safety hazards, and also leave you with a large and unexpected repair bill. At Phil Ashworth Electrical we can carry out a full electrical inspection and testing service for anyone wishing to purchase a property.
    What Are The Main Advantages?
By having a full electrical inspection we can identify any serious electrical problems and issues found. If problems are found at this stage you can liase with the vendor of the property to negotiate in respect of the cost of works which will need to be undertaken. Or look for a property which does not require remedial works to make safe.
        The Advantages
  • Any potential repair works are highlighted prior to purchase.
  • Gives the purchaser more opportunity to negotiate down the sale price of the property with the vendor.
  • Allows you to budget for works likely to be required immediately and also in the near future.
  • A full Electrical Inspection Report is issued on completion of electrical testing.